About Me

I have an ever-expanding collection of wool fabrics, a situation I'm sure you're familiar with, being a knitter. Like you and yarn, I have wool fabric that I just could not resist purchasing. The time came though when I needed to do something with it. Creating knitters' project bags seemed like a good idea since wool fabric beautifully complements all types of yarn. And, best of all, this venture allows me to buy more fabric!

Of course, you can use your bag for anything you like - an overnight trip, the Saturday farmer's market, a general carry-all. The inside pockets were designed with knitters in mind but can be used for whatever you need tucked away.

Each bag is handmade by me in a large sunny studio in western Massachusetts. My husband and I live in a house he designed and built and are accompanied everywhere we go by Zoe, a black lab mix. By the way, she is the best dog in the whole wide world!

Katherine MacColl