About Me

It must be my English/Scottish blood that gives me my love of wool fabrics. But I decided that my growing collection needed to start earning its keep.

I knew I wanted to make something functional but also something a bit different, something that wasn't usually made from wool fabric. I started with the wool totes; the designs and the wool fabric give an old utility item a new look.

Then during the early months of the pandemic I got into dyeing wool fabric. I started with dyeing solid colors which you see in my smaller Center-Stripe bags and one of the Stripes and Ribs Bags. The saturated colors were so rich and luscious; they really helped to lift my mood. From there I took on the challenge of dyeing fabric with multiple colors. The fun factor just exploded! At the same time I had the idea for the boxes and decided to put the two together. I couldn't be happier with the results.

I design and make all the bags myself in a large sunny studio in western Massachusetts. Each bag is constructed by me on a Tacsew 950 industrial sewing machine. She's a beaut! She'll do whatever I ask of her, never complains, and needs little maintenance. My husband could be ....yeah, we won't go there.

I live in a house my husband designed and built and we're accompanied everywhere we go by Zoe, a black lab mix. By the way, she's the best dog in the whole wide world!  ;)

Katherine MacColl