About Me

It must be my English/Scottish blood that gives me my love of wool fabrics. But I decided that my growing collection needed to start earning its 'keep'.

I knew I wanted to make something functional but also something a bit different, something that wasn't usually made from wool fabric. I started with the wool totes; the designs and the wool fabric gave an old utility item a new look. From there I added the shoulder bags and made short runs of the Button Flower Bags, Center-Stripe Totes, and Stripes and Ribs Bags.

During the pandemic I learned to dye wool fabric and spent time figuring out how to construct my Box Bags. Those days were full of fun and surprises and frustration that pushed me forward. These days I'm concentrating on my new series for which I dye wool fabric in brighter colors. But just when I think I've settled on something, a new idea starts to worm its way into my mind and before I know it, I'm making drawings and cutting templates. I never know where I'll go next.

Each bag is constructed by me on a Tacsew 950 industrial sewing machine. She's a beaut! She'll do whatever I ask of her, never complains, and needs little maintenance. My husband could be ....yeah, we won't go there.

I live in a house my husband designed and built and we're accompanied everywhere we go by Juno, a Jack Russell Terrier/pit bull mix. She's energetic, smart, powerful and, yeah, a handful.  ;)

Katherine MacColl