Wool Box Bags

An idea for a new bag had been rolling around in my head for a while. It was very different from anything I'd done before. Would it work? Could I do it? It took several months of trial and error and making changes to bring it to fruition. If I changed one thing then likely something else had to be changed as well. I gave up a couple of times but always came back to it. It was just too intriguing an idea not to keep at it.  And finally all the elements came together.

The fabric for each box is hand-dyed by me and because hand-dyed fabric can never be repeated, each box's pattern and coloration is unique.

I construct each box myself. The slow process involves numerous steps starting with the dyeing process and finishing with hand-stitched sides.

Each box has

- several pockets that will hold personal items of various sizes

- solid metal feet to keep your bag off the ground when on the ground

- a hidden magnetic snap that keeps lids closed

- a round translucent handle that folds down for easy access to the interior of  the bag