Stripes and Ribs Bags

Five different fabrics are cut into strips and sewn together with 'ribs' put in as I go. I adore these bags but they take a while to make so I don't make them often. Get'em while you can!

These bags have a 15" bottom which accommodates long single and double point needles. The 12" height and 6" depth (front to back) allows for a large project or a couple of smaller ones, your pattern card or book, and even your laptop.

The handles are made from clear plastic tubing. Not only are they very cool but they are also very comfortable and won't slide off your shoulder.

The top edge is meticulously stitched by hand.

An interior layer of tightly woven water-repellent canvas gives additional support and protection.

A strong magnetic snap closure keeps everything inside your bag. No zipper or Velcro to snag your yarn!