Center Stripe Bags

Sometimes it's a little thing that adds the 'WOW' factor - like a thin strip of color right down the middle!

The smaller version of my Center Stripe bags are made from wool fabric that I hand-dyed myself. The colors are very different from the commercially available ones; the saturated hues positively glow!

These bags are 12" along the bottom, 9.5" high, 5" front to back, and have a 13" handle drop. They have the same pockets as the larger bags so you can still carry all the necessary tools but are sized to be perfect for smaller projects!

The supple 3/4" wide genuine leather handles are triple sewn so they won't give way, and they won't slide off your shoulder!

An interior layer of tightly woven water-repellent canvas gives additional support and protection.

A strong magnetic snap closure keeps everything inside your bag.


The larger bags have a 15" bottom which accommodates long single and double point needles. The 12" height and 6" depth (front to back) allows for a large project or a couple of smaller ones, your pattern card or book, and even your laptop.

The strong 1" wide genuine leather handles won't give way, wear out or slide off your shoulder.

These bags have the same canvas interior and magnetic snap.