Button Flower Bags

I have lots and lots of buttons so I decided to throw them into the mix and came up with these bags. The button flowers just make you smile.

At 15" along the bottom, 12" high and 6" deep, these bags are large enough for sweater projects or complex color work with multiple skeins of yarn. Needle cases, pattern books, and your iPad? No problem. These bag will carry them all.
The pockets on one side of the bag are sized to carry pens or pencils, reading glasses, cell phone, rectangular gauge rulers, and/or stitch holders.
The larger pocket on the other side can hold items such as tape measures and thumb row counters as well as the three small plastic containers in various sizes for stitch markers, point protectors, and other small knitting accessories.
The handles are made from clear plastic tubing with a colorful interior. Not only are they very cool but they are also very comfortable and won't slide off your shoulder.
Each bag has a magnetic snap for closure. No Velcro or zippers to snag your yarn!